Toys, toys, toys!

We have sooooo many toys in our house that I am always tripping over or kicking something. To be honest I’m a bit over it, the boys have toys they play with everyday and toys they play with every so often.  The rest I just want to get rid of at this point – I won’t of course but I may be doing a clean out soon and packing some away. With twins you get an endless stream of toys and to be honest the boys still have toys sitting in our backroom that have not been opened since they were given them last christmas. It’s bad!! This year I really don’t want that. I completely get that toys are a fun present to shop for and give when you don’t have kids of your own but if they aren’t played with it’s just a waste of money.

On thursday night we took the boys to the shops and perused the 3 majors toy sales – Big W, Kmart, and Target. With catalogues in hand I searched out the items I thought were appropriate for the boys for christmas and their birthday and really looked at them.  Everything always looks great in catalogues, and surprisingly some things seem a lot bigger, but up close some things that we thought were great have now been crossed off our list.

Yesterday with catalogues in hand I created a document complete with prices, stores and pictures that we can email to family as a wish list. We already have presents to give the boys for both their birthday and christmas (for the next two years!!). When I see a bargain on either ebay or at a store I buy it. Why spend $100 when you can get something for $20. Yes I admit it at times I am a bit of an organisational freak, but only in certain areas of my life and house.

So hopefully people will follow my list and the boys will get some presents that I know they will play with, rather than a whole lot more junk to fill up my spare room.  I’m still expecting to get an overload of toys but hopefully it wont be as bad as this will be their second Christmas and birthday.


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