Meal planning this week

OK so I admit it I’m not the greatest meal planner in the world.  Eating on your own 4 nights a week is lonely and boring!!  So I really struggle at the supermarket yesterday on what to do for meals this week.  It ended up being a terrible painful process, not helped by the fact that I’m tired and I think coming down with another cold.  Often I don’t have meals on the day I plan to, for a whole range of reasons, but I do try really hard not to waste anything we have in the fridge.  If an ingredient is there and needs to be used up I will use it one way or the other.

So my round about plan this week is as follows –

* Monday – Dinner at my inlaws

* Tuesday – Chicken burritos

* Wednesday – Leftover beef curry

* Thursday – Mint chicken with orange sauce

* Friday – Home made pizza’s

* Saturday – Chicken tikka masala

* Sunday – Girrello roast with roast potato, pumpkin and corn on the cob


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