My two boys are sick. It’s just a cold bug but it’s that not being able to do anything to make them all better that gets to me. They slept in this morning which was a bonus but this afternoon they of course don’t want to nap. I put them to bed anyway as they can use the quiet time to rest and they seem to really enjoy playing their own little games in their cots and chatting away.  Just listening to them makes me happy.  They are so cute and sound so happy.

Hopefully this bug will pass quickly and my boys will be back to their usual selves in no time.  In the mean time it lots of cuddles, tv and some quiet activities.  This morning we did some drawing with crayons and this afternoon I think I’ll break out the play-doh.  The only other thing I can do for them is keep the heating on, keep an eye on their temperatures and try to make sure they’re drinking enough.

Fingers crossed I don’t catch their cold bug again!!


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