Still sick!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  The boys have been quite sick, which makes them extra sooky.  In some ways I love it because it means they want to spend more time with mummy, but in other ways it means that I get less done and spend longer up with them.  They have actually been better through the night than I thought they would be and we even managed a sleep in the other morning – bonus!  But they definitely have not been themselves and it does make me feel pretty awful that I can’t make them all better.

Colds are just one of those things that requires rest, fluids and time to get over it.  So that’s pretty much what we have been doing.  Lots of rest at home with the heater going all day (I’m trying not to think of the gas bill that will be coming my way soon) and a few quiet activities.

Today we took a walk (in the freezing cold wind – probably not the brightest idea) and looked at the “diggers” at the creek working near our house.  I call them diggers because A – that’s what they are in Peppa Pig (and that show is a hit in my house) and B – because honestly I wouldn’t have a clue what all the proper names of them are!!  They are big and they are noisy but they are pretty cool for little kids to watch (and the fact that they are brightly coloured helps too I’m sure).  It was freezing so we didn’t stay long and we had to feed the chickens anyway so that was the motivation to get out in the first place.

If your in Melbourne I hope your keeping warm and looking after yourselves!  And if your somewhere warm please send a ray of sunshine to my house on Sunday so we can go do something fun!!!


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