So my life is hard at the moment and I am honestly struggling.  When the boys were little I lived hour to hour (and at times minute to minute in those first few months when I was home alone all day) and although I don’t do that now, there are times during my day where I wonder how I will make it to bedtime (theirs and mine).

The boys are finally getting over their colds and today we FINALLY got to see them smile, laugh and play like they normally do.  It was lovely and good timing too as I was just about at the end of my rope!  Even better because we have tickets to Elmo’s World Tour later this week and I want them to enjoy it.

There is no meal plan for this week as I honestly have no idea what I am doing!!  We’ve been to the supermarket and good a few veggies and the essentials (bread and milk), as well as some other odds and ends so I will just be working it out day by day.  It is essentially cheaper to meal plan and map out what you will be having for the week because it means you don’t have to do any unexpected shops but I’m just not sure I’m capable of any of that this week.

If like me your struggling, just do the best you can and remember that tomorrow is always a new day!


2 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. Sick kids always makes life fall in a heap at our house!
    And while I know that a meal plan usually helps me to get and stay on top of things, I also know that sometimes it just isn’t going to happen and that’s ok too.
    Glad your boys are feeling better 🙂

    • This last round of colds was just horrid – it just lingered 😦
      Yeah meal plans are great but I don’t think you can do them all the time unless your super organised, which at times I really am not!!! Mind you my lack of meal planning cost me an extra $40 at the supermarket today on stuff that realistically I did not need. But its rare I do it, so oh well 🙂

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