Good but hard day!

Today I reminded myself of why I meal plan.  I spent $40 at the supermarket today on stuff.  And I did a big shop a few days ago and really didn’t need anything.  *sigh*  But as I said yesterday I am struggling this week and today was a rough day for me as I waited anxiously all day for an important phone call about a family member.  Thankfully all is well but I had to keep myself busy so I didn’t fall apart during the wait.

We took the boys this morning to a play centre and met up with some other mums and their twins who I haven’t seen in about a year.  It was amazing watching all these little twins run around and how they’ve all changed and grown, and how alike some of them are!  Thankfully the boys were feeling much better and had lots of fun playing.  We still had a few moments of needing mummy but I realised that is fine because I have to admit, I do like being needed!

From there I had planned a quick dash to the shops as I wanted to check if a store had something but the boys fell asleep in the pram, which never happens, and I was not game to move them as it always wakes them up so I just browsed some stores, did some supermarket shopping and had some lunch without having to share (that never happens either!).  Once we got home I took the boys for a walk, they had a play with some other kids, and I had a chat with some other adults.  It was actually a great way to pass the time, which included frequently staring at my phone and willing it to ring!

Tomorrow we are off to see Elmo and I must say I am excited.  Sesame street is big in our house, but I am a little worried about the boys being scared as obviously they will be a lot bigger in real life than they are on the TV screen.  Fingers crossed all goes well!!



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