I’ve hit 100 posts!

So my life in the last month has been a little crazy to say the least, which is why I haven’t been posting daily, but somehow despite all that I have managed to hit 100 posts!  WOW!

To me that is huge.  I blog for many reasons, firstly because it is a connection to the outside world, being a stay at home mum has its ups and downs and can be very isolating if you let it.  And secondly, because I wanted to share my experiences, I find that there are lots of mummy bloggers but not many bloggers have twins and it is such a different world that I wanted to share.

I appreciate all the people who take the time to read my little blog, all those of you who have hit like on a post and/or made a comment you have made my day!  It makes me keep blogging and makes me feel like I am not alone.  So thankyou!

I’m looking forward to my life settling back down in the next month (fingers crossed and all going well) and making all my ideas into reality.  I have lots of crafts and activities I want to create for my boys that I plan to share, lots of cooking to do (it never ends does it?) and more adventures with my two adorable boys.  So I hope you will continue to follow my journey and bare with me while I get back on track.


My beautiful babies make it all worthwhile


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