Back to meal planning

So my lack of meal planning last week resulted in us spending a whole lot of money that we really didn’t need to.  There was at least one trip to the supermarket in which I spent about $40 on stuff (if you ask me what is was now I can honestly tell you I don’t remember – I know it involved junk food and one meal for dinner that night) and at least 2 take away meals.  It was a good reminder of why I meal plan but realistically it was bound to happen.  Last week was an extremely difficult week for me and when I am stressed and upset I tend to eat crap food and I did (and I must say I enjoyed most of it!).  It’s not something we could afford to do regularly but when major things are happening I think it calls for a little adjustment and relaxation of the rules and the purse strings.

Yesterday we did our grocery shop which consisted of mostly fruits and vegetables, milk and bread.  But that was enough as I went on an absolute cooking storm.  I made a big batch of mini ham and veggie quiches for the boys, lunch size tomato and tuna quiches for hubby, “leftover” scrolls, a bulk batch of Italian mince and vegetables, a bulk batch of chicken casserole, a bulk batch of Bolognese sauce, and a bulk batch of toasted museli for hubby.  So my freezer is once again full, hubby has plenty of frozen dinners for work and I even managed to cook a yummy roast for dinner for us, and a big batch of meatballs in a tomato based sauce for the boys (with plenty leftover for the freezer).


So this week I am going for simple no fuss meals to try and get myself back on track now that I’ve got everyone else covered…

Monday – Chicken burritos

Tuesday – Steak and vegetables

Wednesday – Chicken stir fry (the new maggi two part ones)

Thursday – Lamb shanks with mashed potato (from the Coles made easy range)

Friday – Leftover Fettucini Cabonara

Saturday – Fish and chips (the frozen variety)

Sunday – Roast something with roasted vegetables


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