Recipe – Toasted Muesli

So when we went shopping on the weekend my husband had a craving for muesli.  The cheap supermarket brand was not available and the brand names were ridiculously expensive.  So we looked at toasted oats, expensive.  So me, in my infinite wisdom, chirps up and says I can make you some toasted muesli, can’t be that hard.  It actually wasn’t that hard and worked out to be cheaper than the no name brand and yum!

Ingredients –

* 2 kg wholegrain oats

* 500g all bran

* 1kg dried mixed fruit

* 1-2 cups golden syrup or maple syrup (depending on how sweet you want it)

Directions –

* Preheat your oven to 160 degrees

* Heat your golden syrup in a small pot on the stove top until it starts to bubble

* On two baking trays evenly spread a layer of oats (you will be doing this three times minimum to do all the oats)

* Pour on a small amount of the golden syrup and mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon

* Put both trays in the oven for 5mins

* Take trays out and stir the oats so that they evenly toast and don’t burn

* Put both trays back into the oven for another 5mins

* Take the trays out and pour into a large container (I used a roasting pan as it was the biggest thing I had)

* Mix in one third of your all bran and mixed fruit

* Scoop into airtight containers and store

* Repeat this process for the rest of your ingredients


Notes –

* This will keep safely in air tight containers for up to 3 months

* If you don’t have golden syrup or maple syrup you can also mix 3/4 cup of honey with 80g of butter or 1/4 cup brown sugar and heat until combined.

* This is the budget friendly version but there are lots of other things you can add into your muesli, such as nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pecans), sunflower seeds and/or sesame seeds, cinnamon, coconut and other dried fruit pieces (eg. apple or banana).  It’s really up to your imagination.


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