I love my beautiful boys, they are the cutest, sweetest, funniest little human beings I know, but today was one of the worst days I’ve had with them and I literally wanted to just walk out the door!  The reason it was so bad was because I had absolutely no idea what was wrong.  Usually they have a little scream and I quickly work out exactly what they want.  Today I felt completely lost.  It reminded me of those first few days after bringing the boys home and having to walk outside to get away from the screaming and take a deep breath.

Today, after trying everything, I had to put them in their cots.  After a few more minutes of screaming I could hear them happily chatting and playing like they normally do at nap times.  So I let them be, to have a bit of quiet time and me a little breathing space.

I still don’t know what their problem was exactly but I am guessing it was something to do with being a bit tired and things being not quite normal at home.  As adults we adapt to new situations quickly (or we put on the brave face and try to get on with it), but babies and toddlers can’t do that.  They don’t understand why things change or that everything is still ok.  It takes time for them to readjust and get comfortable again, for some this can take days, weeks and for others months.  I believe it all has to do with the temperament of the child.

So today was a bad day for the boys, but hopefully tomorrow will be better.  And if its not then maybe I as the adult needs to find a way to better adapt with this temporary phase of misbehaviour, tantrums and whininess and give the boys extra cuddles, kisses, love, compassion and understanding.


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