18 months!

My babies are 18 months old today!  Where did the time go??

I love them more and more every day but I must say at the moment they are driving me mad!  They are into absolutely everything, one of them is constantly telling me no, and they either both complete ignore me when I tell them off or take it really, really badly resulting in tears.  And the last two days they have refused a day time nap.  This is surely just the start of things to come as they have well and truly hit toddler hood and have realised not only are they little individuals but just how much power they have.

I’m honestly not sure whether to be proud of them or be mad at them!!!  They are growing so fast that I feel a little as if I’m not ready.  I do miss those days of when they were babies, but now we have our own little things that I could never have done with them as babies.  We have created silly little games and special bed time kisses that make my heart so full.


I can not imagine my life without them, and despite all the stress of the last month, all the ups and downs, all the disappointments, all the anger and tears, they have been my one constant.  They don’t care that I’m not perfect, they just love me because I’m their mum and I make them feel special and safe.

So despite the fact they have refused a nap today, made an absolute mess, had a few minor meltdowns and been very cheeky, I am very happy that we have hit the 18 month milestone and that I got some extra time in for playing and relaxing with them.  Life may always be changing but my love for them will only grow stronger.

18 months


4 thoughts on “18 months!

  1. 18 months was rough. Actually, it was 17 months that turned them into total monsters and around 19.5 months the little toddler terrorists calmed down a tad. It just seems like a rough developmental phase…London and Asher had so few words/signs and didn’t really seem to know WHAT they wanted even if they could say it. And then the toddler molars…recipe for disaster. I’ll happily report that despite having a few upsets to naps during that time, we’ve kept the same schedule and they settled back into a 2+ hour nap in the afternoons. Hopefully the nap gods will smile upon you shortly…

    • We were fine up until recently, now that we’ve hit the 18 month mark one is a real monster, the other is a serial whiner. The boys aren’t big on talking, but I have mastered the art of mostly knowing what they want. Sometimes they throw something new into the mix and I’m completely lost though. I really hope the language comes soon as I am starting to get a tad worried! The whole teething process has been long and horrid, I seriously can’t wait until they finally have them all, it’s just so cruel!!!! Glad to hear someone else say that their twins settled back into naps, I’m timing my car ride today to coincide with nap time so I know on of them will fall asleep and that will remind him how lovely naps are. 🙂

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