So the boys and I aren’t having the best time…. they are just not napping, what I consider correctly, and so have been a bit grumpy of late.

This mummy is tired, very tired!!  I loved that 2hr nap around lunch time, it broke up my day and gave me some much needed down time.  And I know that they still need some sort of nap as they look exhausted and get that over tired look if I don’t at least get them to have a short nap.

So we have gone from no nap at all, which was so so hard!!!  To both boys napping for under an hour at different times of the day.  So I’m still on duty all the time to look after one of the two.  To today when I finally got two children to nap at the same time, but it was for under an hour, so by the time I had something to eat and did some cleaning up there was still no down time for me.  And they were very needy when they were up, which is fine.  So it was yet another long day and my house looks like a bomb hit it, as we are in that stage of them running around and making a mess everywhere they go.

I guess my point is that sometimes you just have to keep trying.  I know that the boys still need one nap a day.  They are only 18 months and they get tired.  And it’s not just wishful thinking, we get the yawns and rubbing the eyes.  So I will persist in my old routine, and if they need to nap at different times I will adapt as I have this past week.  And if there is stuff all over my house well so be it.  It’s ridiculous to try and clean up after them constantly, and I can choose to relax or be a clean freak, guess what I pick!


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