Meal planning

The last couple of days have been really quiet for us. We are trying to take it easy as one of the boys had an accident and the other hasn’t been feeling 100%. It’s been nice to have the extra time to just sit and cuddle with my babies, but it means nothing is getting done around the house, and it’s looking more and more like a bomb site by the minute.

It’s also a really tight money week for us, so I’m trying to use up the bits and pieces we’ve got and make the most of it.  We are reasonably stocked up on the staples so I was able to make a few things over the weekend for snacks and treats for everyone.  The freezer has thankfully got enough meals to get my husband through the week at work and I’ll just be throwing together this and that for myself.  Last week we had no plan and I can honestly say I have no idea what I ate all week but I know there was some take out involved!!

So this week is really not going to be anything interesting food wise.  Our freezer is quite stocked with bits and pieces for the boys, so I always know that there will be enough food to put on their plates, which is all I really worry about.  But for me, who knows!!

Monday – Steak with vegetables

Tuesday – Marinated chicken with rice

Wednesday – Massaman beef curry (made in bulk weeks ago)

Thursday – Tomato and chicken risotto

Friday – Lamb shanks (hubby’s day off and they have been sitting in the freezer for a while now)

Saturday – Frozen fish and chips

Sunday – Out to dinner

I do need to head to the shops as we are out of milk, but I think I will send hubby so I don’t get the urge to buy anything else!!


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