Mummy guilt

I have never felt so bad in my life, the accident one of my little ones had on the weekend, has actually resulted in a broken bone.  I realise the term accident means that no one is at fault, but I feel very much to blame.  I spent most of the day at the hospital with him and he now has a cast that goes from his ankle all the way up his leg and around his stomach.  He will be like this, pretty much unable to move, for 4 weeks.

He has accepted it all better than I have, aside from the fact that he’s frustrated that he can’t crawl at lightening speed after his brother.  So there have been a few tears (from me), a lot of screaming (from him) and even more hugging.  I am trying to come up with activities for him to do and ways to keep him entertained that he can do sitting on my lap or in his little chair.  It’s really difficult!!  He just wants to move.

And what makes it worse is that I of course have twins, so the other child is still running around the house and causing utter chaos, but I can’t be in two places at once, so he is getting away with a lot and it’s only been a day.  I have no idea how I am going to manage them both on my own, but thanks to our limited funds I don’t have a choice.  Hubby can’t afford to take anytime off work while we adjust.

I’ve managed to cancel all our plans for this week, so that there’s no added pressure to be anywhere and honestly to save myself some embarrassment about having to explain over and over why my son has a broken leg.  I feel bad enough without anyone else judging me.

So I may be quiet for the next few weeks as my usual routine will be going out the window and I’ll only be able to cook, clean and do other general household stuff when the boys are in bed.  No multitasking, which will be a change for me.


4 thoughts on “Mummy guilt

  1. Oh no! What a bugger for all of you!
    But remember to be gentle on yourself… guilt won’t help anyone, and take it easy… lots of DVDs and slow days are in order so you can all heal.

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