Buying second hand

buying secondhand

I’m a bit advocator for saving money and one of the best ways I’ve managed to do this over the years is to buy second hand. There are lots of items you could and should buy second hand if you are on a tight budget.

Ebay is great for second hand items, but there are plenty of local options too, such as Vinnies and The Salvation Army stores, as well as markets. I’ve bought items at all of these places and never had any problems. Social media has also made buying and selling second hand even easier with local buy, swap, sell pages popping up all over the place and don’t forget Gumtree.

So what could you buy second hand?

* Women’s clothing – you can often pick up items with the tags still on that someone else has purcahsed but didn’t quite fit properly for a bargain price!! Designer dresses are often available that the seller has only worn once for a special event that could be your bargain purchase for your next event.

* Babies clothes – seriously they grow out of clothes so fast and they go through so many changes of clothes some days that it can really add up if you have to buy everything new. I’ve bought bulk lots of clothes off ebay for an absolute bargain, I’ve got other clothes from our local salvos that still had the original tags for only a couple of dollars.

* Furniture – Although there are many cheap type furniture stores these days you can’t always find what you want for a decent price, particulary when it comes to baby furniture. The cost of a cot, change table, drawers, etc, etc can really add up quickly!! Search ebay or check out a seconds store.

* Toys – There are so many toys available second hand, a ridiculous amount!! This includes everything from rattles, bouncers, bikes, through to cubby houses and everything in between. The only things I would recommend not buying is anything that is broken. Any toy that you do buy should be throughly washed to ensure it is safe for your baby.

* Electrical appliances – Although you can get some great items second hand you need to always be cautious with buying anything electrical second hand. Do not buy any electrical item that is damaged, always ask if it is in working order and make sure you read the description and look at the photos carefully. Always check out seconds stores and major stores often have a slightly damaged section or store.

There is so much more you can buy but that is a basic start and will save you lots of money if you are on a budget.

Look out for my guide on how to buy (and sell) on ebay coming soon.


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