Meal planning

So last week was such and up and down week with one of the boys having a broken leg and being out of action and me trying to contain his twin from destroying my whole house.  All while nursing my own shoulder, which still hurts.  I probably haven’t done myself even favours carrying the boys around the house but as parents we do tend to just grin and bear it a lot of the time for the sake of our kids.

A few days ago we headed out to the shops to stock up on some fresh fruit and veg, not to mention bread and milk, and I’ll also stocked up on some cheap cuts of meat to put in the slow cooker.  Hubby is on a shift change for part of this week so it’s really going to mess with the boys usual routine, but we will see how we go.

Monday – Chicken burritos

Tuesday – Salt and pepper squid (the calamari has been in my freezer for so long)

Wednesday – Spaghetti Bolognese (sauce made in bulk a while ago and frozen)

Thursday – Chicken souvlaki (home made)

Friday – Take away (pizza?)

Saturday – Fettucini Carbonara (sauce made in bulk a while ago and frozen)

Sunday – Chicken and tomato risotto

I’m still on the kick to use up the bits from my pantry which is why I stocked up on some cheap cuts of meat this week (all those meal base type packets are going to be used if it kills me!).  So far I have made beef and mushroom ragout in the slow cooker, and a mild chicken curry (using the very cheap drumsticks) also in the slow cooker.  I made big batches (we’re talking 12 portions) that have all been divided up and frozen.  I also defrosted part of my old batch of beef ragout and made meat pies with it for lunch for hubby, he tried one tonight and is very impressed!  Tomorrow I’m hoping to get a beef stew thing on, as well as a chicken, bacon and potato bake.  I’m very glad to be using up lots from my pantry, as I can finally see my stocks going down, which makes more room for other things – seriously don’t ask what other things, stuff just seems to accumulate and appear from no where!!


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