Reusing tins

So following on from my post on reusing items from around your house, here is a short list of how you can reuse those tin cans, rather than just throwing them into the recycling bin.

* Tins (particularly formula tins, as they have a lid) make great money boxes.  Simply cut a coin slot and start saving.  If its for something special decorate the outside of the tin so you know what you’re saving for and aren’t tempted to ‘borrow’ from the tin.

* Tins make great planters for seedlings.  Just drill one or more holes in the bottom (depending on the size of the tin) for drainage, fill with soil and plant your seedlings.  For an attractive display attach 3 to a plank of wood and plant some herbs.  Perfect for just outside your back or side door.

* Paint a tin can white and attach some white lace for an attractive vase for flowers.

* Use tin cans around the house for storage – paint them or cover them in paper to match your décor, and use them to hold your kitchen utensils, pens, or toothbrushes.

* I have also been told you can make tin cans into DIY candles.

* Below is a great idea for a DIY Tin Can Lantern from Apartment Therapy, you can view the directions here.


Looks great for outdoor entertaining!


4 thoughts on “Reusing tins

  1. Great ideas! I never know what to do with the left over tins (epcecially the formula tins!). We have made one into a money box over a year ago and it’s almost full yay!
    Visiting from DP blog Carnival. Nic @ Mums Take Five

    • Thanks for visiting! We ended up with so many formula tins with the twins that it seemed ridiculous to not try and use some of them. Fantastic about the money box, I really should dig ours back out!!

  2. We had an awesome art teacher when I was younger, and she got us all to make lanterns from tins by filling with water and freezing, and then hammering a design – it was a great deal of fun.

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