Not what I expected

So my sons cast finally came off on Monday and for 2hrs we were happy, I was dreaming about how life would go back to normal and I’d have my beautiful happy, laughing, adorable boy back. Those dreams were quickly shattered when we were told that he would have to were a full brace for 3 weeks. The brace is worse than the cast was!! With the cast on, at least he could use his good leg and he was happily motoring around the house (albeit slowly). The brace we have been given completely disables movement of both legs. And the worst part is, I don’t know why. Because the brace was fitted by someone other than the doctor who said he would be going into a brace they weren’t able to tell us anything and we haven’t been able to get in touch with the doctor since.

We quickly discovered the brace would not fit in our pram, the car seat, or his high chair.  The only times he is suppose to have it off is for a bath.  So our options are to stay home and do nothing for the next few weeks or do what we have been doing and only having the brace on at home.  It’s not the best solution I’m sure but at the moment it is the best I can do.  The world does not stop because we have been thrown another curve ball, and both boys will go stir crazy if we sit at home for 3 more weeks.

So my plans to get back into blogging and meal planning and cooking and sewing and everything else (including trying for a baby) have yet again gone on hold.  And as much as I was annoyed for a day, that’s ok, I was entitled to my annoyance and frustration but I’ve done the adult thing and decided what’s really important.  My boys will always come first and making sure my little one is safe and his leg doesn’t get re-broken is definitely my first priority.


4 thoughts on “Not what I expected

    • Being stuck at home and not being “allowed” to use the high chair just didn’t work for me. He’s still wearing the brace but it’s certainly not 24hrs a day.

  1. Oh no that is so not fair!! I can’t believe they would put him in a brace that restricts him (and you) so much with out the Dr taking some time to explain why! You are more than entitled to be frustrated… but good on you for making the best of things. May the next few weeks fly by!

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