Sick, sick, sick

So I am sick and feeling pretty awful.  I don’t cope well when I am seriously ill, as my body tends to go into shutdown mode.  So it’s a real struggle at the moment to try and rest, deal with the pain from being sick and still be a good mum to my kids.  All I want to do is curl up in bed and rest (I haven’t slept much unfortunately) but that’s just not possible when hubby has to work and I’m left home with two very active toddlers.

Thankfully my toddlers can be very sweet and one of the boys will often come up to me for a kiss or a cuddle which just melts my heart.  They don’t give kisses yet but hopefully that will come soon!  I’ve taught the other one, who had the broken leg and is still extremely moody and hard to handle, how to blow kisses as he’s not as affectionate but I still want to create that bond.

I always put my kids first and me being unwell does not change that.  Yesterday in my fevered state, instead of resting I went and picked up a toddler sized kitchen that I’d bought off ebay.  Watching them play with it today, opening up cupboards, pretending to eat cookies and wash dishes was so adorable.



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