Our veggie patch – planting

One of my goals when we bought our house was to utilise a vegetable patch and grow our own food.  We had pretty much everything we needed, except the time and/or energy (ok lets be honest – the motivation!).  Last year it was all about the boys all the time so I just ignored it and kept saying we’ll do it, we’ll do it.  And then this year I kept looking at it going it’s just a massive weed patch and it will take forever (and every other excuse I could think of).  A few months ago it was really playing on my mind, and one day I just got up from what I was doing, went out there and started pulling out all the weeds.  A full day of work later and not only had I pulled out the weeds with the help of hubby and the boys watching from their swings, but I had also planted out a whole range of seeds and some seedlings I had been given.  I was happy.

We had planted seeds of peas, beans, lettuce, spinach, carrots, bok choy, pak choy, spring onions and garlic in our veggie patch, as well as seeds of coriander and tomato into seed trays.  I had also planted a pick as you eat variety of lettuce and spinach, some broccoli, cauliflower and strawberry seedlings.  I mulched it all, watered it all and surveyed my hard work.

2013-06-23 16.24.29 2013-06-23 16.42.15

Before and after mulching.  It doesn’t look like much but each mound is a row of vegetables!

2013-06-23 16.42.30 2013-06-23 16.42.36

On the left spinach and lettuce plants so that we can begin picking them while we wait for the row of seeds to grow, and on the right broccoli seedlings (they are a little hard to see).

2013-06-23 16.59.42

Some strawberry seedlings, in a strawberry that I’ve been meaning to use for ages!

This was all done back at the end of June, but if your keen to start your own veggie patch or even just grow a few herbs follow my page as I’ll be providing a basic how to get started in the next week or two.  I’ll also be posting some of our progress photos and let you know what has worked and what hasn’t.  Remember it’s not too late to start growing something edible in your garden and you don’t have to start big, just a couple of pots is all it takes!


A little bit of organisation

I have to be honest I’m sick of the boys being sick. They are very sooky and it’s starting to really get on my nerves!!!  To top it all off I am not feeling 100%.  But there’s no time for lying down and feeling sorry for myself, the boys need extra attention, and things need doing around the house.

I visited Ikea earlier in the week and bought some storage boxes so that I could start a very long process of sorting out some areas of my house.  So far I haven’t been able to do much but I have made a start and it feels good to start to get some things organised.  My dymo label is proving to be very useful, as it means no one will be able to complain that they don’t know where something lives!!

I find it really hard to stay organised and tidy now that we have two toddlers running around the house.  I’ve never been the most clean and tidy person but I do like certain things to be organised and because we moved into this house when I was pregnant I never really got around to organising everything the way I would like it.  Over the last couple of years I’ve worked on small areas and it’s always given me great satisfaction to get something done.

So all I can say is start small.  If you want to organise your whole house, just a room or even a cupboard, trust me start small.  If you give yourself big goals and can’t accomplish them in a short time frame it can really bring you down and you lose momentum.  Where as if like me you give yourself small tasks that can be done in a short space of time, you are much more likely to get them done and you will feel a great sense of satisfaction.  And that can make you motivated to move on to the next area of your house and to eventually tackle all the bigger jobs.

As you move through each of your tasks really look at what you have and decide if you really want to keep it and if you do where it’s new home will be.  You don’t want to be making more work for yourself by making piles and piles that then seem daunting to try and sort through to find homes for everything.  It can be a long process but trust me it is all worth it in the end.